IMCom News

Revived SourceForge page - 29 July 2010

The IMCom/Python page on disappeared in 2005. Web pages and source code were migrated to the IMCom SourceForge project and SVN.

1.33 is available - 30 April 2004

1.33 is available. A few bug fixes this release; this will be the last release unless there are other critical bugs. I'm focusing my attention on a complete rewrite (should be config/log file compatible though).

1.32 is available - 13 Oct 2003

1.32 is available. A few bug fixes this release; primarily though is a bug fix for transport registration.

1.31 is available - 10 July 2003

1.31 is available. I'm nearly a week late. I know. Since beta 10 I've cleaned up the makefile. Updated the documentation and added an awaylogmodule. Please read the advanced documentation before asking questions. A lot of the information people ask is available there.

1.30 beta10 is available for testing - 28 June 2003

1.30b10 is available for testing. Some clean up of profile creation, a fix of a few color bugs. Direct support for specifying SSL support on account creation and profile creation.

This will be the last beta release before 1.31. I will re-release this as 1.31 in one week, complete with updated documentation.

1.30 beta9 is available for testing - 20 May 2003

1.30b9 is available for testing. Support for mixin modules. This allows for some pretty cool stuff that will be implemented soon.

There is REALLY no reason to be running 0.95 anymore. Please use one of the 1.30 beta series. The only reason I'm still declaring it beta is that I haven't committed to using the API's I have in place now. So for those adventurous souls that plan on writing a module, please note that the api's might change. For regular use there is nothing unstable about the beta release.

1.30 betaN is available for testing - 02 March 2003

1.30bN is available for testing. Many bug fixes and enhancements since b2. I say bN because I'm sure I'll forget to update this again when I release b8. It should also be noted that the latest nightly can be downloaded from nafai as well. I highly recommend running at least a beta if not nightly. There are many many many many fixes since 0.95, hence the large jump in version number.

1.30 beta2 is available for testing - 10 November 2002

1.30b2 is available for testing. This fixes a bug in roster management, a bug in the user list display, a bug few bugs in the makefile and distribution, and hopefully fixes encoding once and for all.

1.30beta is available for testing - 08 November 2002

1.30 is available for beta testing. Here's the changelog

  • Fixed the show command.
  • Fixed a few mkdir security issues
  • Fixed presence packets coming before roster is downloaded
  • Fixed roster handling. It now works *much* better
  • Added support for JIDLink, JIDLink-test, DTCP (Passive and Active)
  • Added support for changing password
  • Added /deny for refusing to authorize a subscription request.
  • Much improved IQ handling
  • Cleaned up the IMCom backend.
  • Added support for jabber:iq:version /version [person]
  • Added support for Multi-word names (nicks, groups, etc), just enclose in quotes when it'll be ambiguous
  • Added support for unregistering transports
  • Almost Full Multi-User-Chat support (JEP0045) - only thing not done is (ban, member, ... )-list editing
  • /msg! command added -- send the results of a command as a message.
  • Transport registration is now much more straight forward.

If you are willing, please beat on it. An official release will be made in a few weeks.

0.95 Released - 09 September 2002

0.95 has been released. Here's the changelog

  • Fixed background color support
  • Fixed an encoding issue
  • Fixed security bug in permissions on disk
  • Updated all my emails addresses.
  • Implemented a bug fix for unix only stuff
  • Implemented a patch submitted to handle subscriptions better
  • Add port and encoding questions to account creator
  • Fixed some color bugs in command help.

You can grab it from the Download Page

0.93 Released - 20 March 2002

0.93 has been released. After a long wait we have much better unicode support. Here's the changelog

  • fixed a number of bugs related to creating the initial profile (GACK!)
  • added better priority support. (you have a base priority, base-6 for dnd, base-4 for xa, base-2 for away, base for online or chat)
  • fixed a number of bugs related to file transfer
  • fixed SSL support for Python 2.2
  • Much better jabber resource handling.
  • Added groupchat! /joinconf /confusers /leaveconf
  • Fixed a big color bug.
  • fixed a small status management bug.
  • duplicate presence updates ignored by default (can be set back - see /set)
  • /interactivereg command is a (hopefully) more user-freindly way to register transports
  • better unicode support, nolonger requires hack!

You can grab it from the Download Page

0.92 Released - 16 January 2002

0.92 has been released. This is mostly because I had broken the code so it didn't work with ActiveState's ActivePython. There are a few new things in this release though, below is the ChangeLog.

  • added statusNag option to bug you if you're sending message and your status is not "online"
  • /saveprefs works now
  • International characters seem to work now
  • 'Object has no Attribute "__len__"' error in JabberHandler seems to be fixed
  • Made Unicode silently optional so that we work with activestate python (big oops)

See the Advanced Capabilities Page to read about the International Support. You can grab it from the Download page

0.90 Released - 18 December 2001

0.90 has been released. Here's a snippit of the ChangeLog.

  • Fixed a few bugs relating to the last command, and login procedure
  • Added ignore support: /addgroup person_to_ignore ignore
  • Added Basic VCard Submission
  • Added Email address to the list of displayed fields when retrieving a vCard.
  • Fixed a number of bugs with presence tracking
  • Added display of transport/service presence.
  • /last can now display an arbitrary number of messages of history
  • added log reading capability
  • Fixed a bug with displaying users' presence when logging on from a second resource.
  • Added /admin and /adminwho for IMCom users who also happen to be administrators on their jabber server.
  • Completely rewrote the XML parser and the Command Handler

You can grab it from the Download page